By using the rapid exchange of location service GeoMe (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”), whose developer is GeoMe (hereinafter referred to as the “Developer”), you (hereinafter referred to as the”User”) express your full and unconditional acceptance of all the requirements set out in the licensing agreement (hereinafter referred to as the «Terms of Use”) and shall undertake to comply therewith.

In accordance with the Terms of Use, the User is granted the right to instal and use the Service on the User's mobile device or on personal computer by installing the Service's Google Chrome plug-in for purposes outlined in the Service's description. The User has no right to reproduce or to distribute the Service for commercial purposes, or to undertake any action to decompile, to extract, and/or otherwise to modify any of the program code of the Service. The Developer is the exclusive owner of the rights to the Service. The Service also uses other third-party software and materials which are protected by copyright.

Through the Service, the Developer offers the User services based on the location of the User's mobile device or PC. In order to determine its geo-location, the Service uses GPS, Wi-Fi access points, and data from mobile service towers. To render the User's geo-position on a map or respond to requests for the User's geo-location, the User must connect to a mobile Internet service or to a stationary Internet access point such as local Wi-Fi, which are paid separately in accordance with the rates of the User's mobile service provider.

The conditions outlined in the Terms of Use shall apply to all updates to the Service released by the Developer.

The Service (including the Data and other information obtained by it) is provided by the Developer "as is". The Developer shall not guarantee that the Service and Data will meet the User's objectives and expectations, or will ensure uninterrupted and error-free performance of the Service as a whole or individual components and/or functions thereof, or will undertake to correct what the User determines to be in error.

The User may refuse to observe the Terms of Use at any time by deleting the Service from the User's mobile device and deleting the Service's Google Chrome plug-in from the User's PC. Furthermore, the User may terminate the function of the individual geo-location service in the settings menu of the User's mobile device and in the settings of the User's Google Chrome browser or in the User's PC operating system.

Accepting the terms of the present agreement, the User acknowledges his/her compliance with processing of his/her personal data submitted at registration in the Service and during the Service usage. Additional information about what this or that data is used for and how the Service processes them is presented below in the “Privacy Policy” section. It refers to such data as:
- User’s phone number;
- A name and a photo, submitted by the User in Service’s app settings or received from a social network;
- User’s phone book (is used for the registered contacts search, but is not maintained on the servers);
- User’s location information;
- Anonymous information collected by the analytical system;
- Comments, photos, saved geo-marks and other data submitted to the application by the User.
- Information about applications installed on User’s mobile device.


The Developer recognizes that its users want to know what the application collects their personal data for and how it is used. This section is designed to clarify this matter. You are kindly requested not to use the Service in case you disagree with Service’s policy.


The Service is meant to be used for personal communication only and doesn’t imply publication of personal data for general use. The maintained and transmitted data (requests, coordinates, marks, comments, pictures, etc.) are sent only to a definite addressee and are available to a sender and a recipient only.

Telephone number:

The User should specify his/her phone number at the registration. The phone number is used as an identifier that connects contacts in the Service. It is also required for the call notification function along with location sharing over SMS in case of an Internet connection failure. The User phone number will not be available to anybody except those contacts that have been added from User’s phone book.

Phone book:

User’s phone book is sent to the server periodically in order to find the contacts that have already been using the Service and add such contacts to User’s contacts list if the User miss them. Phone numbers are used for synchronization purposes only and are not maintained on the servers or wherever else.

Location information:

Users exchange their location information via the Service. A location is calculated automatically via GPS, Wi-Fi or cellular network. The User is the only person entitled to notify the contacts about his or her location. The Service doesn’t collect or transmit any location information without the user’s consent.

Other data collected by the Service:

- The Service uses Google Analytics system for anonymous statistic data collection, for example, a phone model, an OS version, a country, screen viewing, application actions, etc. - The Service can use the information about the applications being installed on User’s device in order to chose an appropriate messenger for sending a message: it happens when a user presses the message sending button.

Final clauses

The present Agreement goes into effect for the User at the moment when the Service has been installed on a User’s device or when the User registered in the Service . The Agreement remains in force with no time limit. The present Agreement may be changed and/ or extended by the Service unilaterally. It is understood that proceeding of using the application after the present Agreement has been changed and/ or extended signifies the User’s compliance with those changes and/ or extensions. In this regard, the User agrees that he/ she will monitor the changes in the corresponding section of the Application. The User can reject to follow the Agreement at any time having deleted the Service from his/her device. Besides, the User always can switch off a Location Services option in the

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